Cloud Cost Optimization : 6 Simple Actionable Tips to Optimizie Cloud Savings

Cloud Cost Optimization : 6 Simple Actionable Tips to Optimizie Cloud Savings

Why Cloud Cost Optimization?

One of the greatest factors in the adoption of Cloud computing is cost reduction, but there is a flip side to the agility gained by using public cloud computing. You can easily lose control of the costs if your cloud services are not effectively provisioned or properly governed and managed.

Let’s face it – Cloud is a utility and it, therefore, needs to be managed as such. All your Cloud services need to be optimized with appropriate cost allocation. If done right while migrating to the Cloud, this will ensure that, over a period of time, you will maximize your ROI.

6 Simple Actionable Tips for Cloud Cost Optimization

1. Resource provisioning: Provision your compute resources carefully and as appropriate. Understand the business case and anticipate utilization requirement before you go in for On-demand, Reserved or Spot instances.

2. Sizing: Do not size only for peak demands. Remember, the benefit of moving to Cloud is on-the-fly scalability. Use auto-scaling to bring up or bring down your resources to maintain optimal performance.

3. Data transfer: Always keep in mind that the costs on Cloud are not only due to the servers provisioned. Data transfer has an associated cost as well. Try grouping your resources within the same region to avoid unnecessary costs.

4. Delete orphan resources: Make it a practice to periodically check, and then delete, old or un-associated snapshots. If your footprint on the Cloud is large, it is easy to lose track of these resources which will add up to your cost.

5. Govern your Cloud: Last, but not the least, always give appropriate access to create resources only as required. Furthermore, remain vigilant and ensure that all resources not being used are brought down, even if not being used.

6. Cloudzatic –  a Cloud Management Tool, built on AWS for AWS, can help your Operations team monitor your Cloud for all these anomalies and recommend remediation steps to bring down your cost.

About Cloudzatic: Cloudzatic is cloud management SaaS tool for AWS. It provides instant visibility to changes in your AWS infrastructure, continuous cost & resource optimization and painless compliance & security audits against the AWS well-architected framework. To start you 30 Days free trial, click here.

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