success story 1

Customer quote:

BEFORE CLOUDZATIC, WE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO INSIGHTS ON OUR CLOUD EXPENDITURE – no way to predict what it would be, or to explain why it was increasing,” says the IT Manager of a born-in-the-cloud technology company.

About Customer:

The customer is a leading provider of software and technology intelligence to the hospitality operations industry. They offer hospitality industry niche products with a suite of software applications that boost efficiency and enhance guest service, directly impacting the bottom-line. These products are cloud-based to give the best customer experience with performance, scalability with no-down-time.

The Challenge:

Our Customer’s journey on AWS began in 2018. Once on theCloud, their cloud spend grew rapidly and unchecked, due to having multiple development centers and limited governance in place for spinning up new IaaS and PaaS services. With increasing traffic around peak periods resulting in higher costs, it became clear that they needed a solution for managing their infrastructure while reducing the arbitrary spend being incurred.

The Solution:

After evaluating several cloud management platforms, the Customer determined that Cloudzatic would give them the biggest advantage in terms of functionality. The company began by implementing a data tagging strategy, starting with computing and moving to storage and additional AWS services. Cloudzatic was used to identify any untagged assets in their environment which enabled the IT team to determine what they were being used for. Additionally, the company was interested in rightsizing assets, such as Amazon EC2 Instances, in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Cloudzatic’s Cost benefits analyzer gives recommendations on unused & idle resources and reserved instances. This was a perfect match for the Client’s requirement to see the health of their infra and identify the resources where saving recommendation can be implemented.

The Results:

With visibility into spending by environment and team, the Customer has been able to drive accountability and promote a culture that emphasizes the importance of cost optimization. With the reports, insights, and recommendations coming from Cloudzatic, it enabled their IT Operations management to easily track their EC2 savings and opportunities across all accounts as they were able to save a cost savings of 30%.

About Cloudzatic:

Rapyder’s Cloud Management tool-Cloudzatic provides an efficient platform to manage your AWS Cloud infrastructure across Cost, Compliance and best practices. It gives insights to your environment along with Cost-savings recommendation to reduce your Cloud bill. It helps you to stay compliant across your Infrastructure footprint by tagging and snapshots. Cloudzatic gives you best practices of your infrastructure as per the AWS Well-Architected Framework.