About Customer:

Our Customer is from the Digital industry where they bring the latest news and ad free content from top podcasts and publishers to the end-users. Found in 2009, the start-up has grown exponentially and now serves hundreds of clients throughout India

The Challenge:

The Customer had more than 50 VMs where they were looking for recommendations across various parameters like Security, Cost, Operations to enable them to take appropriate actions to optimize and secure their infrastructure. They wanted to see all the recommendations and take remediation to audit the infrastructure on a periodic basis to ensure Compliance. They also wanted recommendations to optimize their cost of the Infrastructure on parameters like Unused, Idle and see if there would be the benefit of going from an on-demand instance to reserved.

The Solution:

After evaluating multiple vendors, the Organization chose the Cloudzatic platform, for enabling them to easily manage costs, improve governance, automate actions and ensure security compliance. Their decision to go with Cloudzatic was based on the platform’s feature set, intuitive structure, ability to deliver reliable data. Cloudzatic provides very comprehensive and detailed recommendations based on AWS Well Architected Framework (WAR) across the standard five pillars, namely, Security, Cost Optimization, Reliability, Operational Efficiency and Performance Efficiency. This was a perfect match of the Customer’s requirement to see the health of their AWS infrastructure across those pillars in details and take corrective actions. It provided a 30 day trend of how the issues reported are getting resolved that enabled the Client IT team to better manage the environment.  The Cost benefits analyser based on the various parameters gives recommendations on unused instances, idle resources and reserved instances and those giving potential savings of taking actions on the recommendations. Its aimed at providing 30% cost savings benefit.

The Results:

With Cloudzatic, our Customer is now able to benefit from Cloudzatic’s recommendation engine, enabling them to easily select and purchase Reserved Instances – the largest savings lever with AWS. Further, using Cloudzatic’s dashboards, their Client team gets immediate visibility in case of any non-compliance within their Cloud infrastructure. This can then get remediated well in time before an audit. Cloudzatic offers transparency that allows the Operations team to drill down to a very fine grain. They are now able to see not just what they spent with AWS, but exactly how they spent it.

About Cloudzatic:

Rapyder’s Cloud Management tool-Cloudzatic provides an efficient platform to manage your AWS Cloud infrastructure across Cost, Compliance and best practices. It gives insights to your environment along with Cost-savings recommendation to reduce your Cloud bill. It helps you to stay compliant across your Infrastructure footprint by tagging and snapshots. Cloudzatic gives you best practices of your infrastructure as per the AWS Well-Architected Framework.