FAQs about Cloudzatic

Cloudzatic is cloud management SaaS tool for AWS. It provides instant visibility to changes in your AWS infrastructure, continuous cost & resource optimization and painless compliance & security audits against the AWS well-architected framework.

As of now, we support Amazon Web Services

Cloudzatic began as a utility tool for managing the Cloud infrastruture of our Customers. As we saw some clients show interest in its capabilities, we productized the capabilities as Cloudzatic, a commercial SaaS offering. Cloudzatic is an award-winning cloud management product by Rapyder Cloud Solutions

  • Monitor and optimize the usage cost for Cloud infrastructure.
  • Proactively reduce cloud costs by identifying instances that were spun up, used, and later abandoned.
  • Track and manage all your AWS cloud changes.
  • Support security and compliance audit with ease.
  • Prevent and remediate incidents faster by raising alerts and notifications.

Cloudzatic is charged on a monthly subscription basis, based on the number of cloud resources in your account. There are several pricing models available, including a free tier. There are no upfront costs, and no hidden fees. Refer to pricing or email us at hello@cloudzatic.com and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Typically, the entire setup process takes less than fifteen minutes.

No, Cloudzatic helps bring visibility to your AWS costs. It is a web application that requires a read-only role to provide visibility to your entire infrastructure.

AWS account details are used to access logs and do not access any application data. Cloudzatic uses AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch logs to create various dashboards.

AWS accounts details are stored in a highly secure format. The Cloudzatic site is SSL and all user sensitive data is encrypted. All web connections are sent via 256-bit SSL.

You can add multiple AWS accounts in Cloudzatic and monitor the changes.

Cloudzatic can manage every resource like instances, security groups, IAM roles etc., that have been provisioned under different services.

Cloudzatic data is refreshed every 180 minutes. Billing data is fetched once a day.

There could be a difference due to timing. However, there could also be a mismatch due to credits, taxes, or adjustments made by AWS. Cloudzatic ingests billing data once every 24 hours from the daily billing files that AWS puts into your billing bucket.

Yes, Cloudzatic reports can help address security audit questions related to Cloud changes.

No, there are no limits to the number of events or change requests.

Easy, inform your account manager who will facilitate exit process.